Pop Up parkrun changes

Had a think about how to better collate and present our Saturday pop up parkrun results. Using event names has a number of recording problems - particularly where names change. Instead all times will simply be recorded as the event week - this week being COR19#2. The actual distances run also vary - not by too much (unless called Andrew Mascarenhas). It doesn't matter if your run isn't exactly 5k or 3.107 miles - i will adjust the times. If you record a long run - your times will reflect it and your 5k equivalent may well be slower than you could achieve! After this week we need to set a minimum distance of 4.82k (3 miles) to count. No maximum distance (at present!).

Over the last 2 weeks 100 + members have advised of at least one run.

I am looking at how we can add a bit of a competitive element - possibly on a monthly basis. Will keep you posted.


This week's pop up parkrun Results

Great Runs


On hold pending the return to racing

Great Times

On hold pending the return to racing


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