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First Virtual Race Summary

Saturday morning had a very different feel to it! It wasn't quite the same as turning up at Nostell, Frickley or Pontefract but members rose to the challenge of creating their own 'pop up' 5k. 62 members ran at 47 different 'events. Whilst they weren't all spot on the distance the majority were pretty close. I did adjust the times of one or two who managed to go a little further, but no allowance for Rachael and Simon Speight whose 10k run was stretching it a little too much!


The course of the weekend must go to Will Walker for his brilliant 'Donald Trump' Run! On the other hand - Joe Worthington appears to have over celebrated the last night at the pub! Check them out HERE


For those who didn't quite give a unique name to their course - have another go. A few courses followed a similar course to others - may be worth collaborating with your neighbour to agree one course.

Hopefully we will be able to continue these runs during the crisis.

Remember to keep your distance.


Latest Race Results

Great Runs


Well done to Gill Bennett for achieving a 'virtual' pb. Looks like she's found a fast course - or a dodgy Garmin? Her new speed record has been noted for use later!

Great Times

Hope everyone had a great time on Saturday - let's all keep our spirits up.


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