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2024 Grand Prix Series

As usual we nominate races of varying distances and terrain to include in our Series. You can run as few or as many as you wish with your 10 best results counting for league points. For events such as Peco cross country and the Spencer's Dash series, it is only your best result from those series which will count.

 2024 Grand Prix Event Scoring
Open Leagues

This year we have reverted to the main leagues being based on pace but with an amended scoring system. 
This year points will be calculated by a combination of your finish time compared to others in your league only, plus pace points for how quickly you ran compared to that of our first finisher.

1.    The fastest in each league will receive 10 points based on finish time, 2nd 9, 3rd 8 etc with a minimum of 1 point. Where two or more have the same finish time, they will receive the average of the total points for their positions. For example, the 3rd and 4th have the same time therefore their points are calculated as 8+7 = 15 points/2 - = 7.5 each. The 5th person would receive 6 points etc.

2.    In addition, the overall fastest club member will receive 10 pace points with all other finishers (irrespective of league) receiving a percentage of 10 points based on how well they ran compared to the fastest club member.


Runner A finished 4th in their league and their speed was 95% of our first finisher. They would receive 7 points for being 4th in their league and 9.5 pace points. Total points 16.5.

Runner B finished 1st in their league and their speed was 70% of our first finisher, they would receive 10 points plus 7.0 pace points. Total points 17.

Runner C finished 10th in their league and their speed was 48.5% of the overall fastest, they would receive 1 point plus 4.85 pace points. Total points 5.85

Advantages of the dual scoring:

1.  Encourages running as quick as possible to maximise points and not ease back because you can’t improve your finish place. 

2. Encourages racing amongst those who would only receive the minimum of 1 point. 

3.  Overall, it will enable leagues to be more competitive by reducing the points difference for each finish position.

Females League, Male and Female Vets Leagues.

The scoring for these leagues will be as existing. The fastest will receive 50 points with each subsequent place receiving 50 points less 40/number of participants. This means that the slowest will always receive just over 10 points.

For example, if there are 35 finishers. Then each place difference is 40/35= 1.14 points

The qualifying age for the Male Vets league is 40 and Female Vets 35 determined at 1/1/24. For clarity if you reach these ages after 1/1/24 you will not be eligible until 1/1/25.

2024 Provisional GP Events
Updated 26th May

7 Jan         Winter Handicap – 10m with a 6m option

28 Jan       PECO #4


4 Feb         Dewsbury 10k

18 Feb       Wombwell 5m

25 Feb       PECO #5


17 Mar       Thirsk 10m         

24 Mar       Wakefield Hospice 10k  


17 Apr        Spring Handicap at Goole (4.8m)

28 Apr        East Yorkshire Half (Hull)


4 May         Rother Valley parkrun 

9 May         Spencer's Dash #1

19 May       Pontefract 10k  

26 May       Goole Riverbank Challenge 10k 


22 Jun        Darrington 5m 

26 Jun        Summer Handicap 10k

30 Jun        Barnsley 10k


7 Jul           Hollybank Eccup 10m    

11 Jul         Spencer’s Dash #2

20 Jul         Nostell parkrun


7 Aug         Howden 10k      

29 Aug       Spencer’s Dash #3

31 Aug       Fountain's Abbey parkrun

8 Sep         Autumn Handicap

15 Sep       Humber Coast Half – Cleethorpes

12 Oct        Sherwood Pines parkrun

20 Oct        Yorkshire Coast 10k – Scarborough ENTRIES                       OPEN 1 JUNE 2024

26/27 Oct   Monsal Trail Half


10 Nov       Dalby Dash 10k 

17 Nov       Tadcaster 10m

24 Nov       Doncaster 10k



Spencer’s Dash points based on best time in the series – you can run just 1 to all 3.


PECO #4#5 – best score to count only.

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