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Top Cat. League

Commencing Saturday 25th July

Can a good young’un beat a good old’un? We will find out over the coming weeks with our new 5k Saturday competition:

Team Names

Female Teams based on age @ 1/8/20

Hello Kitty:- under 35's

Cheetarah:-  35-39

Bagpuss:- 40-44

Duchess:- 45-49

Cat in the Hat:- 50-54

Pink Panther:- 55-59

Cheshire Cat:- 60 and over

Male Teams based on age @ 1/8/20

Custard:- under 35

Lion-o:- 35-39

Tigger:- 40-44

Panthara:- 45-49

Tony the Tiger: 50-54

Sylvester: 55-59

Garfield: 60-64

Benny the Ball: 65 plus


  • 15 Teams based on age categories: FS/F35/F40/F45/F50/F55/F60+, MS/M35/M40/M45/M50/M55/M60/M65+

  • Age category based on your age at 1 August 2020

  • 5k run approx. on a course of your choice. Longer runs to a max of 10k allowed with times pro-rata. Minimum distance 3 miles.

  • 5k times of over 1 hour excluded.

  • Please adhere to running courses which are circular or out and back

  • Times recalculated to Age Adjusted as per WAVA Calcs to determine points.

  • Points allocation: fastest 100, each subsequent place loses 90/number of runners that week with a minimum score of 10.

  • ALL runners count for the Team total irrespective of numbers.

  • To help those who can’t run on Saturdays, you can run Sunday morning but times must be logged by 12:00 noon on Webscorer

  • Officer Dibble will have the final decision on any disputes.

#6 Result

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