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Tuesday 23rd July


Jeffing - Emma Flanagan

12/13 min miles - Sarah Longfield

9/9:30 min miles - 10k - Joe Worthington

Intervals (Wentworth Terrace Fitzwilliam Station)- Stewart Haigh 5 x 3 mins at 3K pace, 2 mins recovery between. Set off from Cricket Club at 6:15 - approx. 1 mile each way.


8:8:30 min miles - Nicola Thomson

Thursday 18th July


Gentle Jeffers - Debbie Worthington

Extended Jeffing - Ben Tanguay

9:00 min mile Social Run - Millie Watson

10:00 min mile Social Run - Stewart Haigh (5 miles approx).

6:30 Meet at Langsett Barn for a 11k trail run at 9-9:30 min mile pace (hilly) with Joe Worthington - contact Joe for more details.

Accident Reporting

Any accidents or near misses that occur during club events or training sessions (Seniors and Juniors) should be reported on the online UKA Accident/Near Miss form via the button below.


When this has been completed the details are emailed back to the email address submitted on the form which should then be forwarded to for record keeping purposes and follow up action if required. Alternatively, all the details can be submitted to for processing.

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